Free Dataset for ML & Simulation

Renderpeople introduces Posed People Pro. A new growing dataset of hyper-realistic scanned human 3D models that was designed with Computer Vision in mind, enabling our users to generate great synthetic data for ML and simulation.

To celebrate the launch, we are happy to provide a free pack including 50 3D models.

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To learn more about our customers and their needs, please let us know what you use human 3D models for. (e.g. human reconstruction, simulation on consumer robotics, apparel)

Why Posed People Pro?

Accurate Personal Metadata (e.g. age, ethnic roots, place of birth, skin color)
Personal Health Data (e.g. height, weight, BMI, body fat, muscle mass)
Uniform Datastructure (technically homogeneous dataset with uniform file structure)
Large & Growing Dataset (500 3D models, 100 individuals, thousands of additional scans)
Diverse Dataset (100 individuals with roots in 25 countries, 18–83 yo, and 79–308 lbs)
Additional Available Data (e.g. source images, point cloud data, HQ raw meshes, body models, 3D labels, A-pose scans in tight clothing)

What's in the pack?

Our pack contains 50 different 3D models featuring 10 unique individuals, each 3D model coming with PBR textures, 300k polycount, 4 color variations, segmentation masks, and an extensive collection of ground truth metadata. This metadata provides information on aspects such as body weight, ethnic background, age, and more. For a detailed view of our metadata, feel free to check out our metadata spec sheet.

Can these assets be commercially used?

Yes, the free Posed People Pro pack is available for commercial use in computer vision research applications and for the development of products and technologies. Additionally, our Posed People Pro can be used for various research and development activities, such as publishing research papers. For more info, check Sections 1 and 3 of our license agreement.

Is there more? I'm interested in the whole dataset.

Yes, the whole Posed People Pro dataset currently contains 500 different 3D models featuring 100 unique individuals. In addition, we provide extra resources like source images, point clouds, as well as A-pose scans in tight clothing, which are excellent for reference purposes. Are you interested in our full catalog? Just drop us an email at