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a versatile human data solution for CV, ML & Sim

What we have to offer? A lot!

We offer 3D products and data based on an ever growing library of scanned humans. To date, we have already scanned 273 unique individuals, more every week. Per person we capture an average of over 30 unique scans. That's more than 10,000 unique scans in our database.

All Rights You Need

We operate 100% GDPR compliant and have explicit consent to use all data for applications like ML in accordance with Art.6 Sect.1 and Art.9 Sect.2 GDPR. This includes personal and health metadata.

3D Labels

We annotate our 3D models with all body markers you need.


We offer ID and grayscale masks of all individual body areas for surface and material separation.

Body Shape Scans

For every individual in our dataset, we capture a neutral A-Pose in tight body shape emphasizing clothes. In addition to this, there is a hairnet variation, too. These scans are ideal for measuring body dimensions or applying 3D body models like SMPL.

Every Angle

For every scan captured, we offer a set of up to 335 multi view images as .JPG or .RAW including the corresponding camera EXIF data and camera parameters like location, orientation, etc. This is a total of 6500+ Mpx resolution of imagery per scan.

More Variety

For every single person we not only capture dozens of poses, but also 3 different and authentic everyday outfits. These outfits can be further augmented by performing color transformations. Moreover, we provide detailed metadata (like piece of clothing and colors) for each outfit. Due to this variety of options, synthetic data can be augmented almost infinitely.

in Everyday Clothes

We capture each person in each of their clothing variations in as neutral a sitting, standing, and walking pose as possible, as well as in an A-Pose. That is, in addition to all our other 'everyday' scans, there is a set of comparable poses without objects among all individuals and clothing variants.

Realism Matters

All 3D models that we have processed into finished static or rigged products come with a set of PBR textures. We can provide BaseColor, Normals, Roughness, Metallness, AO, Curvature, and more on request.

Body Measurements

We provide you with accurate body measurement data for each individual. E.g. arm length, chest circumference, wingspan, head circumference, foot length, and more. For this we use our body shape scans.